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“Game Changer Communications was able to make an immediate impact on our communications strategy with limited involvement from our team. Jason Sprenger began delivering content, analytics and strategic advice in a very short timeframe. We experienced a dramatic increase in our awareness within a single quarter, and were able to demonstrate our return on investment almost immediately.”

--Mike Stolz, CEO, Source Support Services


“We hired Jason and Game Changer a few months ago to lead our content program and help drive our corporate marketing to the next level. He’s done a tremendous job for us already, and we’re just getting started. It’s no surprise his peers trust him to lead them. Be sure to contact him if you need any help in these areas.”

--Jerry Shafran, CEO of YouCompli

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“Jason's commitment to excellence in PR is evident in the consistently outstanding results he achieves for his clients. His strategic approach, attention to detail and innovative thinking set him apart as a leader in the industry. Jason is not only skilled at navigating the complexities of PR campaigns but also has a remarkable talent for driving tangible and meaningful outcomes for his clients.

What truly distinguishes Jason is his incorporation of a human touch into his work. Despite the fast-paced and often high-stakes nature of the PR landscape, Jason remains grounded in a deep understanding of the people behind the brands. His ability to connect on a personal level and build authentic relationships is a key factor in his success. Jason doesn't just focus on delivering results; he ensures that the entire process is characterized by empathy, transparency and a genuine concern for the well-being of his clients. Jason's ability to balance the strategic and the human elements of PR makes him a rare and invaluable asset in the industry.”

--Don Raleigh III, Operations Director at Evolve Systems

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“Game Changer Communications was the key component of the successful marketing campaign that helped us expand our business and attract new clients. Jason took the time to fully understand our business and was able to articulate our unique business offering in a way that helped us attract the right clients. He understood the target audience we were trying to attract and how to communicate to that audience. The return on our investment exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend his services and we will continue working with him in the future on new campaigns.”

--Alice Walker, CEO, HR WoRx


"Jason is a PR expert with an excellent understanding of how the media operates. He also has good instincts on how to handle difficult situations when they arise. He is a great collaborator who makes it easy for people to work with him because of his strong communications and positive attitude. FICO is a complex business, and this never daunted Jason — he got to the gist of what we do and found ways to make it clear and compelling for the media."

--Darcy Sullivan, VP of Marketing at FICO


"I had the pleasure to work with Jason Sprenger this past year, on a public relations strategy for a new small business. Jason was fantastic at listening to the needs of the organization, and asking clarification questions that got me thinking about internal and external communication needs. We charged Jason with helping us to create a long term PR strategy, which he executed and delivered in a manner that exceeded expectations. I would strongly recommend Jason and Game Changer Communications for your PR needs."

--Jennifer Radke, CEO of the National Institute for Social Media


“We hoped Game Changer Communications could give [us] a heartbeat, and the firm did exactly that and more. It developed and refined the organization’s voice, and created the momentum that propelled [us] to where we are today. We now have the credibility, name recognition and base of experience to go forward and be a staunch advocate for our cause. We couldn’t have done it without Jason Sprenger and his team, and hope we get another opportunity to work with them down the road.”

--Scott Jameson, Director of Marketing at Realityworks

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